#9 : Antony + Cleopatra

slip through my hair like black sand hold me in the palm of your hand tell me you get it you understand how many lifetimes to touch this land enemy, love of mine stay with me until the bell chimes it's almost fifty-nine a hundred black vines spilled red wine everything will be fine


#8 : Our Heavenly Father’s Mother

come here, child don't run away from your black life and your black mind take this, child and burn your cities to the ground with your angry fist scatter these ashes in the river by the night watch them sink like you did the promise of sanity and your mother's tears watch this, child flames... Continue Reading →

#3 : Lilith

one more time wash the blood from your skin close your eyes confess your sin to the father, and his son, and the holy spirit count to zero think of coffee go to sleep then watch as i crawl through hell to come for you

#2 : Window

my window is mostly well-behaved but some nights when i wake up from a good dream i see a face on the other side and if it weren't for the hair or the eyes or the voice  - "let me in, please"; i almost wouldn't be able to tell that it was me - or... Continue Reading →

where’s the garlic bread?

okay, so. someone tells you you're enough and you're complete and you'll never need to sit with a busted-ass radio in your hands while you wait for contact from deep sea creatures that have never needed to see the light. as it turns out, the only phrase they know in morse is f-u-c-k-y-o-u. then they'll... Continue Reading →


i can only fall asleep in the afternoon. 10mg will knock you out cold and bring you visions of worlds you don't want to see. my body is a prison. there are ways out. you move your hands first. this way they can't hold you down. your feet are wings, but they fly too close to... Continue Reading →

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